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~Ayumi's Realm~

"i dance in thee... mansion of heaven!" - Orphen

* A y u m i *

A b o u t M e
Okay, I'm a very quiet person and I rarelly talk about myself (I don't like to), sometimes I can be rather harsh and cold towards people (especially to someone I don't like), but I'll never be impolite, that's for sure (I have manners). The only ones that know me well are my family and my closest friends (so, you can tell I'm kind of anti-social).

I can tell a little bit of my personality that's, well, obvious. I tend, sometimes, to get somewhat obsessed when I like something, but mainly over things like the world of manga/anime or some game/book/movie.

On a side note, I like many things and I dislike a few. Yeah, I think that's all

A b o u t T h i s J o u r n a l
Most of my entries will be Friends Only. Well, not most of them, just my personal entries, my other entries (fics, drabbles, posts to some communities, etc) will be public until I say otherwise.

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