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"i dance in thee... mansion of heaven!" - Orphen
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commission & requests

For those interested, I'm OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS, you can find all the necessary info in the link, with instruction and whatnot.

Request are CLOSED for now.
26th-Dec-2014 12:24 am - "Friends Only"

This Journal, as far as personal entries goes, is Friends Only, everything else is public until I say otherwise; leave a comment telling me why you want to befriend me and I'll add you. :)

All my fics --except, maybe, those rated R/NC-17, I don't want minors reading things they shouldn't be reading-- fandom related posts and community posts will be public, until I change my mind.

Please, guys, if you are going to befriend me, leave a comment here, and I'll befriend you right back, but at least tell me why you think we would be friends (do we have something in common?).

All content (fanfic/fanart) of this journal, belong to me, and are under a Creative Commons licence.
Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons License
14th-Apr-2013 10:36 pm - Naruto Fic: "those bitter words"
It's been like, forever since I posted something here, and something Naruto-related. But life's been busy, what with being an adult with a job and all that, so hey, not much time for me to do much as of now.

HOWEVER, with the release of ch627 I HAD to write something. Couldn't NOT write something. Granted, it's not exactly ch627-related, but this little plot bunny just wouldn't stop nagging me until I wrote it down.

I hope you all enjoy it :)

Title: "those bitter words"
Author: moi
Rating: PG
Words: 3,266
Characters/Pairings: Karin, Sasuke/Sakura, Ino
Theme/Prompt: #077 – rejection
Warnings/AN: Post-canon. Um, this is not supposed to be anti-Karin or anything, I don't like her (and the respect I had for her pretty much dissapeared with ch627), but I don't do bashing, that's just not me. But it is angsty for her. Also, I'm pretending Tsunade survived the War.
Summary: In his eyes, she’s just another fan-girl.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing.

You’re wasting your time...Collapse )
The end.

This is me trying to get back on board to write Naruto fanfiction, since I've been more focused with Harry Potter and Digimon these past months.
yeah, I know, another drabble... guys! I'm on a roll here!

Title: "the expected unexpected"
Rating: PG-13, just to be safe
Words: 300
Characters/Pairings: Ron, Harry/Hermione
Theme/Prompt: harry100's #10 - couch
Warnings/AN: set during HBP and complete disregard of canon after the canary scene, so I guess it's an AU
Summary: It’s because of the canaries.
Disclaimer: Not making any money here.

Ron’s half expecting her to conjure up those blasted canaries...Collapse )

the end. comments are welcomed =)
Sooooo... I've been reading the books again (and again, I have this urge to hug Harry evrytime something bad happens to him, or have Hermione do it =P) and this little piece came up while reading Goblet of Fire.


Title: “the little things”
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hermione (friendship)
Theme/Prompt: harry100 #15 - aid
Warnings/AN: a fluffy moment between best friends. set during ch6 of GOF
Summary: In which Harry helps his best friend… in an unexpected way.
Disclaimer: Yadda, yadda...

He’s very surprised it didn’t occur to him to help her sooner...Collapse )

End. Short and sweet, ne?
this is my second entry for sasusaku_month, it's a *gasp!* modern-day, highschool au

Title: "say pretty, pretty please"
Rating: G/PG
Words: 6,091
Characters/Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, the Uchiha family
Theme/Prompt: july 7th - teacher
Warnings/AN: Perhaps too much fluff? It's an AU, so no spoilers. Oh, and there's mentions of a teen dad, but really... it's nothing much.
Summary: And to think it’s all thanks to the little brat.
Disclaimer: the OC is miiiiiine.

Parenthood softened him up...Collapse )


comments are very very welcomed!!
6th-Jul-2012 10:53 pm - harry potter drabble: "erised"
gahd! i'm going through an angsty phase, so bear with me please?

and yes, no capital letters

Title: "erised"
Rating: PG
Words: 326
Characters/Pairings: Hermione/Harry
Warnings/AN: is angsty and *le gasp!* canon-compliant gahd, shoot me nao!
Summary: And this is how it is.
Disclaimer: HP is not mine, otherwise... cerntain someones would've ended up with other certain someones...

Hermione figures she's earned the right to be a little delusional right now...Collapse )

you know, this is as canon-compliant as i'll ever get.
Written for sasusaku_month. Go check out the comm guys, it's already started!

Title: “we have more than simple words”
Rating: PG-13
Words: 6,483
Characters/Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura
Theme/Prompt: sasusaku_month july 1st - conversation
Warnings/AN: post-ch587 au, fluff and innuendos, maybe? Nothing explicit of course.
Summary: Because their relationship lay within the subtle meaning behind those words
Disclaimer: Yadda, yadda. I own only the plot.

I like your new outfit...Collapse )

Comments are welcomed!!
6th-Jun-2012 10:21 pm - naruto fic: "like his mom"
I refuse to believe that Sasuke won't see reason, I mean pretty much everyone is putting their faith in Naruto to do the miracle and save his best friend, and so am I. Go, Naruto! You have my unconditional support!



Title: "like his mom"
Rating: PG
Words: 1,381
Characters/Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura
Theme/Prompt: theme #64 - oedipus complex
Warnings/AN: post-ch394 au // fluffy angst, sort of, not much of a plot either.
Summary: Sasuke supposes Sakura does resemble his mother... a little.
Disclaimer: I am not Kishimoto.

I look lilke your momCollapse )

10th-Jan-2012 05:44 pm - fic request: "Christmas"
a little out of season but yeah...

Title: "Christmas"
Rating: PG
Words: 1,986
Characters/Pairings: Shawn(oc)/Sora
Warnings/AN: it took me so damn looong to finish this, it was requested by an user at deviantart
Summary: it was an eternal heaven
Disclaimer: not mine, lalala

You do know mom is going to be upset when she finds out that you took away her fun by buying all the presents, right?Collapse )
the end.
23 hours and 15 minutes..... a little belated x-mas present for you all sasusaku fans =3

Title: "walk with me (till the end of time)"
Rating: PG
Words: 562
Characters/Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura
Theme/Prompt: theme #98 - walk, from this table
Warnings/AN: fluffy fluff, and it's a (le gasp!) high school au.
Summary: He is different. And he wants her—just her, just Sakura.
Disclaimer: the usual.

Of course he is going to completely disregard her father's threats...Collapse )

and here's what happens later...

the fluffy fluff of fluffinessCollapse )

comments please? =)
31st-Dec-2011 12:20 am - naruto fic: "you said, you promised"
something i found in my HD, had it done for months and i had totally forgotten about it XD

wow, 24 more hours till the end of 2011, i'm sooooo looking forward to it XD


Title: "you said, you promised"
Rating: R-ish
Words: 1,405
Characters/Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura
Theme/Prompt: theme #97 - nighttime, from this table
Warnings/AN: umm, innuendos and suggestive themes. a sequel to "they're supposed to live happily ever after, moron", thought it's not necessary, i sugest you read that one before
Summary: In which Sasuke is reminded of a promise… in a very, very nice way. (Or in which Sakura tries to be a naughty, naughty girl and fails... miserably.)
Disclaimer: the usual.

Sakura, go back to your room...Collapse )

comments plese? =D
because i'm in the mood, some christmasy fluff for all h/hr shippers =D

also, here's the pic that ispired it all, i did it myself:

it's the magicCollapse )

Title: "it’s the magic (of Christmas)"
Beta: no one
Rating: G/PG
Words: 336
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hermione
Theme/Prompt: none
Warnings/AN: fluffy fluff, post-ootp 7th year au.
Summary: In which Harry makes the first move.
Disclaimer: the usuaaal...

He smiled slightly while listening to her chatter nonstop, suddenly feeling very lucky to have her as his best friend...Collapse )

the end. feedback is always welcomed =)
an early christmas present for me... and for all those h/hr fans out there =D

Title: "happy christmas, harry"
Beta: no one
Rating: PG
Words: 300
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hermione
Theme/Prompt: harry100 theme #9 - christmas
Warnings/AN: this is set pre/during/post-DH, also i made a little twist to an scene that should have had that twist, because i think it would have made all the difference. other than that, it remains as close to canon as posible
Summary: In which Harry recovers, finally, the happiness of Christmas
Disclaimer: ya know, the usual...

You’re seventeen and on the run...Collapse )

feedback's welcomed =)
I'm back to the HP fandom, god, I missed writting about this fandom, and of course, my fav ship =D. So here, have a short drabble...


Title: "master of words"
Beta: no one
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hermione
Theme/Prompt: harry100 theme #6 - flattery
Warnings/AN: post-hbp, 7th year AU
Summary: In which Harry tries to use an unlikely talent.
Disclaimer: the usual...

But, Hermione, haven’t I told you how lovely—Collapse )

feedback is welcomed =)
6th-Nov-2011 04:44 pm - digimon fic: "pants off!"
another one for the 5trueloves challenge... =D

Title: "pants off!"
Author: Me, duh
Rating: PG-13
Words: 452
Characters/Pairings: Taichi/Mimi
Theme/Prompt: #11 - surprise! Chart HERE
Warnings/AN: uhm, innuendos, maybe??
Summary: Mimi's birthday present backfires... or not.
Disclaimer: digimon and its character don't belong to me.

It’s just bad timing...Collapse )

comments are like cookies! and everyone like cookies XD
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